Elizabeth Cline
Secondhand Shopping Guide

My Review of Shopping Secondhand on Swap.com

My wardrobe is mostly one-of-a-kind designer and vintage pieces. How did I afford a valuable and gorgeous wardrobe on a writer’s income? By shopping secondhand of course. Many of my favorite pieces have come from a growing number of online secondhand shops, like Swap.com, which I’m reviewing today. I started buying pre-loved to cut back …

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DIY How-To

DIY Tutorial: High Waist Cut-Off Shorts

Denim cut-offs are a summer staple and in theory one of the easiest things to make yourself. Yet, I’ve tried on probably two dozen pairs this season in search of the perfect ready-made shorts. After coming up empty-handed and balking at the high prices, I decided to save money and get exactly what I wanted …

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Textile Waste

The Four-Point Plan for Properly Donating Old Clothes

Perhaps you’ve never considered there’s a right way to donate clothes. We like to imagine that charities are just thrilled to get our pre-loved items, even if they’re a little worse for the wear. I certainly thought the same thing, that is until I started working in the secondhand clothing industry and saw first-hand the …

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Who Dumbed Down American Fashion? [Via Etsy Blog]

Women’s clothing once looked like an elaborate layered cake. Floor-length dresses were made of reams of fabric, often covered in trims and details like lace and embroidery, and supported by chemises, bustles, crinolines, corsets, and petticoats. Over the last 150 years, fashionable dress has shed layers and complexity to the point where many Americans spend …

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In The News Labor Rights

Labor Activists Target H&M in Times Square Over Safety of Bangladesh Factories [Via Democracy Now]

Elizabeth joined labor activists around the world, from 40 different countries, in targeting clothing retailer H&M over the safety of its supplier factories in Bangladesh. As H&M shareholders met in Sweden, organizers rallied in front of the Times Square H&M store to demand safe conditions. Elizabeth told Democracy Now: “I’m out here today to demand …

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